Western Steel Works G8 Fabrication Table

With the acquisition of our brand new state of the art G8 fabrication table, Western Steel Works can now offer more services and specialty products. 

  •  Precision Fabrication Components
  •  200 Amp High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • Customized Fire Pits
  • Customized Truck / ATV / Snowmobile / Trailer Accessories 
  • Customized Signage
  • Over 45,000 Metal Art Designs 
  • Customized Wall Art 
In a business such as plasma cutting we believe it is important to remain current with the latest technologies available. We understand how equipment and profiling technology advances work.  This enables us to provide our customers with precision products with fast turnaround.  Our knowledgeable staff can decipher your requirements from your own drawings or PDF files. From your sketches, we can come up with an accurate price range and a reasonable time frame upon which your job will be completed.